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(May 24, 2016)
Prepare your butts for the editssssssss
(Nov 18, 2015)
Everybody who attended the training event earned 1 xp btw. Don't forget to track dat.
(Nov 13, 2015)
Moved it to the general boards so most likely you can post there.
(Nov 13, 2015)
You are unable to post on the perk list akkie bb
(Nov 06, 2015)
Hey all. I really, really want constructive feedback about the D20 system. Read it over, tell me your thoughts.
(Oct 30, 2015)
Hey there guys, even if I'm not in the guild anymore I'm still willing to provide enchants, just send me a mail with what you want! it's free of charge!
(Oct 23, 2015)
Hey there guys! Need enchants? Don't be afraid to send a mail with the enchants you want listed!