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Embershield Protectorate
Division Ranks

How ranking works is based on attendance and participation within the guild. If you attend enough events and participate using the quest board, then your character will be eligible for promotion!

There are 3 tiers of ranks within each division.

Enlisted Ranks: The first three (3) ranks within each division are considered Enlisted Ranks. These are considered to be the lowest ranked individuals among the Protectorate and typically have no authority to give orders. However, there is always opportunity for promotions.

Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Ranks: The next set of 3 ranks within each division are called NCOs. They relay orders from Commissioned Officers and keep the Enlisted in line. NCO's may also take command of small missions.

Commissioned Officer (CO) Ranks: The last two ranks within each division are called COs. The lower rank of the COs can be held by any number of people at once. However, there may be only one (1) of the higher ranked COs at a time. COs are the commanding officers on the battlefield. They typically lead most missions unless the leader of their division is present.

How to get promoted
In order for you to get promoted, you must attend the required number of events and quests associated to each rank. Once you are promoted to your next rank, the attendance counter resets.

The attendance numbers for each rank are as follows and is the same for every divison!
Enlisted Rank 1: This is the rank in which you are placed upon joining the guild.
Enlisted Rank 2: Attend 3 Events and Complete 1 Quest
Enlisted Rank 3: Attend 6 Events and Complete 2 Quests
NCO Rank 1: Attend 9 Events and Complete 3 Quests
NCO Rank 2: Attend 12 Events and Complete 4 Quests
NCO Rank 3: Attend 15 Events and Complete 5 Quests
CO Rank 1: Attend 18 Events and Complete 6 Quests
CO Rank 2: Apply for a sub-officer position on the forums. Only one of these ranks may be given at a time for each division.