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Embershield Protectorate
The Leadership of the Protectorate

Telriah Embershield
Empress of Aurelia,
Archduchess of Quel'Anaris,
High Chancellor of the Protectorate.


Vox Emperosa

Neo Starstrider
Vox Militarum (Voice of the Military)
Executor of the 3rd Quel'Anarian Legion

Aphnesara Whitebriar
Vox Magistratum (Voice of the Magical Arts)
High Archmagister of the Dawn Enclave.


Ember Council

Dalanh Shadow-Dawn
Ranger-Commander of the Fastinors

Primarch of the Crimson Phoenix


Astra Praetarum

Talendril Silverleaf
Recruitment Officer,
Sergeant Major of Warhound Company.

Fantalmore Shadow-Dawn
Scion of the Dawn Enclave

Chief Diplomat

Trisana Nightveil
Ranger-Captain of the Ranger Corps.