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Embershield Protectorate
In Character Rules

  1. Chain of Command: Empress Embershield > Ember Council > NCO’s > Divisions > Citizens
  2. The word of the Empress Embershield is law. She has final say on any orders given and their word will be respected.
  3. You must always obey the command of a superior officer, unless said command is overridden by the Chain of Command.
  4. During mission briefings and debriefings, Division personnel will not speak unless addressed by their officers. This pertains from the beginning to the end of the meeting.
  5. During political meetings, these protocols will be adhered:
  6. - Ember Council will stand with the Lady Embershield.- If you are below the rank of Ember Council, you may not speak during the meeting unless addressed directly. If you speak out of turn, you will be removed from the meeting.
  7. Any concerns that Division personnel and Citizens have must voice their concern first to their respected Ember Council Member. If none are available, follow the Chain of Command in reverse order.
  8. As a member within the Protectorate, your duty is to Quel'Anaris first. If you are part of an organization outside of the Protectorate, your duties to them must first be cleared through the chain of command.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in appropriate discipline based on the severity of the infraction.