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Website Update

It's been a little while since I've updated the website. But with the guild growing and the closer we draw to Battle For Azeroth launch, we are hard at work with providing fun and entertainment for all!

With the website reconstruction underway, I have broken it into 3 phases.

Phase 1: The website will no longer center around just the Embershield Protectorate. Now it centers around the Aurelian Empire. I will also be putting together some photoshop stuff to make a few of the pages look prettier.

Phase 2: Once the Ironblood Clan is squared away, I will be adding a section about them to the main menu bar at the top and recruitment will commence.

Phase 3: Currently we're in the works with other guilds for providing a neutral RP hub for anyone to come to and RP outside of the main Alliance and Horde conflicts in BFA. When that is complete, we will implement support for that hub here on our site.

Hope you guys like the end result! Because I know I can't wait for it!



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