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Embershield Protectorate, Patch 2.0, Shadows of the Damned

Telriah Embershield / Feb 10, 2018
The Shadows Beckon, and the Damned return.

Welcome to the official Patch Notes for the Protectorate Patch 2.0.1a. We will be listing the coming additions and changes, both to the site, and the D10 System. This is the largest overhaul we have done since the guild was founded, and is expected to actually be done within the next two months.

D10 System V2.

Within the D10 System that is being overhauled, there are only four main components (as of right now) that are being added. Nothing major is being changed, and thus, will not be shown here.

1.1) Adding Player Resources
1.2) Adding Races & Racial Passives
1.3) Adding new DM items
1.4) Adding squad system

Website Overhaul

The site for the past year has been a clunky mess after we started to mess with it and make it look nice. The forums were a mess, Divisions were re-written, and movies are just sequels. But that's beside the point, here's our plan for the Site Overhaul.

2.1) Introduction Post
2.2) Forum Rework
2.3) Re-categorizing Forums
2.4) Updating Divisions
2.5) Updating Leadership
2.6) Updating the Wiki Links
2.7) Adding Recruitment Guide 2.0
2.8) Updating the Quest System

Campaigns & Events

Our campaigns are big, our events are the bomb, but somewhere in between, we kinda fall flat with the story and lose interest due to it. We're seeking to stop that, and get everyone involved in our campaigns and make the stories better overall.

3.1) Officer Storyboard
3.2) Suggestion Board for Members
3.3) Trello Page for EP Campaigns (?)
3.4) Assigning DMs to event days

Final Notes

Beyond this, there is one campaign in the works, the longest campaign we've done outside of the first campaign we did, the Legion of the Damned. This is titled 'Reminiscence' and will be darker than ever before.


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