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D10 Combat Sheets


Here is the new template to go by for your sheets.It will be immensely helpful to the DM's if you use this template for your character sheet.Name: (Simply put your characters name)Race: (Pick one of the races from the D10 System Document)Class: (P...
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Force Commander Neo Starstrider267Small Force Commander Neo Starstrider 99d
D10 Combat Sheets

Thuros' Sheet

Character Name: Thuros ForgehammerRace: DwarfRole: Tank----------------------------------------------Total HP: 40Total Bonus Roll: +2 DefensiveTotal Dmg: +5 Offensive Damage----------------------------------------------Racial 1: Might of the Mount...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Redcap D10 Sheet!

--------Name: Alfie “Redcap” MitchellIn Game Name: Redcap--------HP: 30/30--------Role: Healer +2 Healing Rolls +5 on successful Heal Reasoning: While his strong suit is definitely Flight Form and reconnaissance, a close second is probably his h...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Nesara's Characters

Name: Aphnesara WhitebriarRace: Sin'doreiRole: Support----------------------------------------------Total HP: 55Total Bonus Roll: +3 Support, +1 DefenseTotal Dmg: ----------------------------------------------Racial 1: Arcane Acuity: Criticals sta...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Neo's Characters

Character Name: Neo StarstriderRace: Ren'doreiRole: DPS: +2 attack rolls, +5 damage when dealing damageResource: EnergyTotal HP: 65Total Bonus Roll: +2 OffensiveTotal Bonus Dmg: +5 Regular, +5 Shadow Dmg--------------------------------------------...
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Force Commander Neo Starstrider686Small Force Commander Neo Starstrider 45d
D10 Combat Sheets

Arlesh's D10

Character Name : Arlesh SilentspellHP: 40Role: DPS; +2 Attack Rolls, +5 Damage when dealing DamageRace: Ren'DoreiEntropic Embrace: +5 Shadow Dmg on roll or talent , 3 turn CD.Spatial Rift: Save yourself from a critical fail, 3 turn CD.Shadow Resis...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Walorian stats sheet

Name: Walorian WolfcrestRace: WorgenRole: DPSResource: Energy----------------------------------------------Total HP: 30Total Bonus Roll:Total Dmg:----------------------------------------------Racial 1:Vicious Strikes: Criticals start on a roll of ...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Teanuu's D10s of idiocy

Name: Teanuu Darlon SarrentRace: DraeneiRole: DPS (melee)Resource: Energy----------------------------------------------Total HP: 55Total Bonus Roll: +2 Offensive, +1 Offensive rollTotal Dmg: +5 bonus damage-----------------------------------------...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Lumi Rhen

Character Name: Lumi RhenHP: 40 Role: DPS: +2 attack rolls, +5 damage when dealing damage.(Plug N Play)DPS: +2 attack rolls, +5 damage when dealing damageTalent 1: Health 1: +10 HPTalent 2: Single-Target Nuke:- 3 turn cooldown (6 rounds)- Three ro...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Ainsling D10

Healer: +2 healing roll, +5 heal on successful healingTalent 1: Health 1: +10 HPTalent 2: Single Target Heal:- 2 turn cooldown (4 rounds)- Heal 30 HP- Cannot be self-cast- Cannot be splitTalend 3: AoE Heal:- 3 turn cooldown (6 rounds)- Heal 10 HP ...
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Ainsling299Small Ainsling 99d
D10 Combat Sheets

Arlarana Windsong

Name:Arlarana WindsongRace:Kaldorei (Night elf)Role:DPSResource:Energy/Ammo (when using bow)----------------------------------------------Total HP:30Total Bonus Roll:+2 Attack Rolls, +5 Damage when dealing DamageTotal Dmg+6------------------------...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Fern 'the Rock' Gully

Name: Fedirn 'Fern' GullyRace: KaldoreiRole: Shapeshifter(Base Form - Healer)Resource: Mana.----------------------------------------------Total HP: 30Total Bonus Roll: +2 Healing, +1 Defensive, +1 OffensiveTotal Dmg: 0.----------------------------...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Laruno Brightbinder

Character Name: Laruno BrightbinderTotal HP: 30Class: Healer (+2 Healing Rolls, +5 Healing on successful Heal, Uses Mana as a Resource)Race: Worgen (Darkflight: Declare before you roll, +2 to roll for that round, 3 turn CD.Vicious Strikes: Critica...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Alriona's Characters

(To view both sheets separately, take link below) Sheet For The Embershield Protectorate :Basic InformationNAME: Alriona MoonswornROLE: Tank HP: 75/75Talent 1: Health 1: +10 HPT...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Kael Rhen

Name: Kael RhenRace: WorgenRole: DPSResource: Energy----------------------------------------------Total HP: 40Total Bonus Roll: +2 to attackTotal Dmg: +5----------------------------------------------Racial 1: Darkflight: Declare before you roll, +...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Talendril's D10

Void Essence: +5 extra dmg on successful attacks (+3 to attack rolls)Ancient oil of healing: Used on defensive rounds to heal 15 hp (3 cooldowns(6 rounds)Sapphire necklace of Lord Alistar-(+5 role bonus to attack rolls.)Pocket pistol-20 damage (co...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Mogg Fleshripper

HP: 75Role: Tank +2 defensive rolls, +10 HP.Perk 1: Health 1Perk 2: Health 2Perk 3: Iron WillImmediately upon KO, you may roll defensively (with all bonuses). If the result is 5+, you are incapacitated but not down. Upon receiving normal healing, ...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Iarsyn (Talrorth)'s character sheet

Character Name: IarsynTotal HP: 40 (30 + 10 (health 1)Role: DPS +2 attack roles, +5 when dealing damageNote: Can use invisibility.Talent 1: Health 1: +10 HPTalent 2: Iron Will:-Immediately upon KO, you may roll defensively (with all bonuses). -If ...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Saurohir D10 Sheet

Saurohir of StratholmeTotal HP: 75Role: TankTank: +2 defensive rolls, +10 HPTalent 1: Health 1: +10 HPTalent 2: Health 2: +25 HP- Requires Health 1- Requires Tank- A Shapeshifter may take this talent, but this talent is only active while the Shape...
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D10 Combat Sheets

Marcus's D10

Character Name: Markus KilbrookTotal HP: 30Role: DPS: +2 attack rolls, +5 damage when dealing damageTalent 1: Talent 5: Iron Will:Immediately upon KO, you may roll defensively (with all bonuses). If the result is 5+, you are incapacitated but not ...
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