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Name: Alfie “Redcap” Mitchell
In Game Name: Redcap
HP: 30/30
Role: Healer
  • +2 Healing Rolls
  • +5 on successful Heal
  • Reasoning: While his strong suit is definitely Flight Form and reconnaissance, a close second is probably his healing ability. Since recon and scouting is more out of combat focused, I went healer.
Race: Worgen
  • Darkflight: Declare before you roll, +2 to roll for that round, 3 turn CD.
  • Vicious Strikes: Criticals start on a roll of 9.
  • Shadow and Nature Resistance: -5 from Shadow and Nature Dmg.
  • Languages: Darnassian.
  • Reasoning: He's not Gilnean, so I removed Codespeak, but after some trauma where he lost most of his memories, he was saved by some Night Elves and recovered in Darnassus. So he likely would be able to speak at least some Darnassian.
Heal Over Time:
  • 1 turn cooldown (2 rounds)
  • Heal 1 target for 5 hp every round for six rounds. (Total 30 HP)
  • Healer perk does not increase the healing done by this effect.
  • If cast on a target already under the effects of HOT, refresh duration of HOT effect.
  • The player who receives the HOT effect is responsible for tracking when the healing ticks.
  • Reasoning: A Druid staple. Like Rejuvenation or Regrowth, a quick to cast but long lasting spell. When recovering from his trauma in Darnassus, this was one of the first things the Elves taught Alfie, because it was easy to attempt and didn’t cost much of his energy. It also helped show that he could still communicate with nature.
Healer's Grace:
  • If an ally is currently downed (they reached 0 HP) you may make a healing roll (with all relevant bonuses).
  • If the result is 5+, this ally is incapacitated but no longer downed. Upon receiving normal healing, they may resume normal actions.
  • This action must be made on an offensive round.
  • This action is not required to occur immediately after KO and is not automatic.
  • 1 turn cooldown (even if unsuccessful).
  • You may not take any other actions during this round.
  • Reasoning: Rebirth! Something that takes a ton of energy to cast, but allows me to bring someone back up! The ultimate test Alfie was put through when re-learning his abilities. The only way to properly practice it was to participate in combat. To test his reactions alongside his ability to call upon nature to aid him in times of need.
  • Root the target in place for 3 turns.
  • Damage to the target causes the root to fail.
  • Must roll a Saving Throw against the DM
  • Automatic fail against Mini Bosses and Bosses.
  • 3 turn Cooldown.
  • Reasoning: For some utility, and because of Entangling Roots. Since Alfie’s ability to do things similar to Wrath or Lunar Strike are not perfected. The Elves taught him to defend himself by eliminating a target temporarily.
  • Weapon:
  • Armor:
  • Consumable:
  • Necklace: Dragonhawk Tooth Necklace: +3 Bonus Roll for 3 Rounds. 3 Turn CD.
  • Weapon Enchant:
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