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Onwards Glory
"War brings no good outcomes, aside from the death of an enemy, and the subjugation of a people who scorned your own. Why do we fight? We fight for the sake of our own people, for our safety, to preserve our culture and identity. But Aurelia stands to stop it, to defend itself from the Horde and Alliance growth that seeks to encompass Azeroth."

The Embershield Protectorate is a government and militarized group that protects the Archduchy of Quel'Anaris within the nation of Aurelia, a nation that is close to the size of an empire. The Protectorate itself is composed of several people, and run by a close cabinet of military commanders, politicians and aristocrats, who see to it that the heartland and capital of Aurelia is safe.

The Ironblood Clan is a regiment of former Horde soldiers that have seen many battles since the forming of Thrall’s New Horde. For seven years, the Ironblood Clan has fought and killed with honor for the Horde. Now, the drums of war sound once more. But with the rise of their new High Warlord, Laknora, the Ironblood Clan is having a change of heart.

<Embershield Protectorate> and <Ironblood Clan> are places that we want to have as a safe, fun, friendly community that anyone can fit into. We wish to provide a lore-abiding and fanon encouraging environment that can provide hours of fun and RP for all. We strive to provide a place that one can find a way to RP, no matter the time of day.

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It's been a little while since I've updated the website. But with the guild growing and the closer we draw to Battle For Azeroth launch, we are hard at work with providing fun and entertainment for all!With the website reconstruction underway, I h...